The 6 Stage Of Management

In Order to achieve a successful event, every single characteristic and requirement has to be fulfield. PT. KAYANNA PROMOSI INDONESIA delivers a dedicated service by having all the process runs perfectly to ensure that all of client's needs are provide:


As the first step in handling an event, plainning includes preliminary enquiries on bokings, facilitating, promoting, scheduling and many more


Heaving a preperation of a complete and detailed budget, including all possible costs and expenditures.


Approaching prospective target's sponsors, ie. association and companies that are likely to sponsor that event.


Managing arrangement with the thrid parties such as venues, hotels, sound and lighting, transportation, accomodations and other related functions.

Event Management

Front-line presence on the day including registration, VIP treatment and delegate management.

Post-Event Activities

Detailed reporting and evaluation of the event's result and staff performance.

History of Kayanna

Kayanna derived from sanskrit word, "kayana", which means noble. Noble Means Personal qualities that people admired such as honesty, courage, and committed.

PT. Kayanna Promosi Indonesia is engaged in MICE industry, especially on exhibition (G2G, B2B and B2C), conference, film & animation, and special event. This company is formed to answer the global market challenge and support goverment role to developing creative industry.

Vision & Mission

  • Become the outstanding event organizer in the global market
  • Committed to collaborate with our client and business partners
  • Totality on every works

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